The Art of Meditation


The goal of our weekly guided meditation sessions is to assist individuals in learning how to meditate and train the mind, as well as developing their own practice.  

The science of meditation is available to everyone, and can create amazing benefits once a regular practice is put into place.  Some benefits include enhance concentration, improved sleep, relief from stress, relaxation and healing.  Once you develop a practice, you will notice that your mind is clearer, and you will start to experience greater awareness. You will feel better, more balanced, and your intuitive connection with nature and life will get stronger.  You will also develop wisdom and insights that lead to a profound state of inner peace, which can remain with you each day and guide you through the ever-changing circumstances that we all encounter.

Our minds form patterns based on habits woven from our thoughts and experiences. If we train our minds like we do our bodies using meditation, we can refine them and gain control of our thought process so that we are no longer distracted by the minds inner dialogue, or caught in a sea of destructive emotions or habitual behaviour.

Meditation is the art of living consciously and developing an intuitive understanding of the mind, as well as the true nature of reality, ourselves and our relationships.

We do not learn by experience, but by our capacity for experience.