The Art of Creativity

Our Friday painting and creative class gives you the opportunity to reconnect with and enhance your creativity in a relaxed and friendly environment.  You can paint and create in whatever medium you prefer.  If you have never painted before, but have always wanted to try, this session is your chance to do so.  Or, if you are an experienced painter, you can work freely alongside like-minded people without judgement. 

Expert guidance will be available throughout the session to aid you in the development of your practice.  As the creative process is spontaneous and unique to the individual, it is important that you choose your subject matter based on something that greatly inspires you.  Guidance can then be given accordingly on the right materials, techniques, tools and approach to help you complete your art work.

Your creativity will blossom and any doubt or insecurity you may have about your ability will be slowly disappear as you discover that you have unlimited potential.

We need to step back and learn how to fully perceive things before we can paint them.  We must teach ourselves to see, rather than just look.  Only then can we discover more and more each new day in glorious detail.

Our Friday class focuses on relaxing your mind and revealing the source of creativity within you, allowing inspiration to come forth naturally; without, thought, hesitation, or fear. We want to help you to reconnect with nature and let your creative energy flow freely and without judgement. 

  • Some of the work from the Friday class is shown below.  Many of these artists did not believe they could paint until they found their Art of Creativity.   
  • Do not be limit yourself, you can do anything.