Treo go tuiscint 

(Direction to understanding) 

School of Meditative Arts 

Aanahata Yoga and Healing Centre, Castle Yard, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny

Classes and Workshops in

Art of meditation  

Meditative art 

Art of painting and creativity

Creative awareness experience

Aannahata Yoga & Healing Studio home to Treo go tuiscint

Treo go tuiscint (Irish for direction to understanding) is situated in the Castle Yard within the beautiful grounds of Castlecomer Discovery Park, Kilkenny and offers classes in meditation and creativity, which are available to anyone wishing to explore and develop their own personal journey.  Whether you are an experienced meditator, accomplished artist, or just beginning your exploration, Troe go Tuiscint will assist you.

The meditative and creative journey is different for everyone, so it is important that you progress at your own pace and understand the direction that is opening up to you.  With this in mind, our classes offer a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, with no pressure on you to perform or achieve.  Reaching deeper levels of understanding and awareness in meditation, creativity and life takes time; there are no shortcuts.

We live in a world where everything is about rushing, competition and labels, but you too can break away from these conditioned behaviours and accept who you truly are.   Peace and harmony can become your natural state of being, even throughout the ups and downs of life. 

All classes are gently guided so that you receive the assistance that is right for you.  Our times are very flexible, so you can attend one or both sessions, every week, or once in a while, it’s entirely up to you. The class meets every Friday in Castlecomer, Kilkenny with expanded workshops throughout the year.  Feel free to drop by at any time.